Progress Update -- Soft Opening!


Alfred Arts Studio is approaching the soft opening date — August 7, and the space is transforming every week thanks to our volunteers and generous donors. Thank you so much for all the love and support from our loving Alfred community.

On August 7, we are excited to open the space and generate discussion as part of the Makers on Main Street event. To add to the festival, we are hosting our version of a Clay Olympics. Categories for the olympics will be released that Saturday and the public is encouraged to participate.

This Friday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm we will be adding a third coat of spackle to the walls and beginning to paint. This will be getting us one step closer to the ideal appearance for the opening. Pizza will be provided for the volunteers. We are still taking donations. Much equipment is still needed for the space such as wheels, kilns, tables, and shelving units. If you’d like to donate equipment, please reach out to us via email or check out our Go Fund Me for monetary donations.

So far we have ripped up the tile, cleaned the bar, wiped down the windows, have 2 coats of spackling up and sanded, and John has the bathroom underway. Concrete is poured to fill some holes in the floor and the back stairs have received a make over. Thank you again to everyone who has put time and heart into the space so far. We can’t wait to share this dream with you!

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