Endless gratitude for those who got us this far. Your time, energy, ideas, advice and of course money, allowed us to open our doors. To use an overused phrase; we are building this thing in mid flight.

We seek some advice or expertise on the business side of things. Can you help make us official with i dotting and t crossing?

Do you have useful items taking up space in your basement or garage? We are accepting material and equipment donations.

We are also accepting material and equipment donations, send us an email at if you have something to donate.


@alfredloveletters #manyhands ♬ New Home - Austin Farwell

Wheels: Thanks to a partnership with Alfred University School of Art & Design, we have pottery wheels in the space. In exchange for classroom space, we are able to offer 8 pottery wheels to  non-majors ceramics students, members, passport holders and workshop participants. We plan to purchase 12 wheels of our own. We are gladly accepting used or refurbished electric wheels.  Support our goal!

Kiln(s): We recently purchase a gently used L&L electric kiln. We have plans to add two more electric kilns to our space:  Skutt 1027 or similar type and a test kiln. Support our goal!

Manufacturing:  To supplement our income and increase employment opportunities, we will begin manufacturing slip cast objects for sale in our shop and online. We plan to purchase a slip pouring pump.

Accessories: Kiln furniture (shelves and posts), EnviroVent, extra elements

Photography: light kit/seamless backdrop for product photography

Seeking used or gently used items:

  • Lockbox/ portable safe
  • Office printer
  • Electric pottery wheels
  • Pottery tools and brushes
  • Buckets, 1 gallon - 5 gallon
  • Wire shelving (metro shelves)
  • Cricut
  • Microwave
  • Utility Sink/ faucet (prefer stainless)